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Looks like: Klee Kai Mix
Female, 10 years old, 25 pounds
Tika is a little shy when getting to know new people, but she's worth the wait. Once she gets to know you, she is the most affectionate, fun-loving companion you could wish to have! Once you've earned her trust, Tika will roll over frequently for belly rubs, and will politely ask if she can join you on the couch or the bed for some snuggles. When it's bedtime, she'll put herself to bed when she's tired, and then wait for you to join her when you're ready.

Tika is extremely smart. She knows her basic commands and is treat motivated. She loves her toys, especially her stuffed Lambchop, and will choose a toy out of the bin when she wants to play. She absolutely loves the beach, and will even run into the water.

Tika gets along well with other dogs, but she's not particularly interested in interacting with them. Her world centers around her person, and nothing brings her more joy than playtime and pets from her human caregivers. She likes to keep a close eye on her family, and will gently "round up" her human family members and other dogs if they've spread out too far for her liking. Nothing makes her happier than sitting with a chew bone or a toy with everyone she loves within her sight.

Tika has a benign fatty mass on her right shoulder that doesn't bother her, so our vets have chosen not to remove it. Otherwise she is in excellent health! She is working on her confidence in meeting new people, and as of right now, she'd prefer to be the one to come greet you, rather than the other way around.

Tika joined us from San Jose Animal Services, where she was surrendered by her guardians because they were no longer able to care for her.
If you would like to meet Tika, press the Adopt Tika button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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