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Looks like: Poodle, Terrier
Male, 13 years old (estimated), 14 pounds
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Cocoanut is a sweet, incredibly loyal and happy little guy who is ready to shower his new family with love. He has settled into a foster home but is eagerly awaiting his forever home! Coco loves to cuddle and curl up on the couch next to his human; he is the perfect companion for someone seeking a snuggle buddy. Although a senior, he's still eager to go for walks and play. He does beautifully on leash and is friendly when meeting other dogs or humans. He has coexisted peacefully with cats, dogs and children. Coco also has all the perks of a senior dog: house-trained, well-behaved indoors, happy to go for a drive, excited when his human comes home, and able to entertain himself when no one's available to play.

Coco's coat is similar to a Poodle's, which means he doesn't shed much but will need periodic grooming to keep his silky coat from tangling. Coco is used to sleeping in his cozy crate and is known to go inside voluntarily, even if his human is not quite ready for bed.

Coco was adopted last year. Sadly, his loving guardian is having health issues and had to return him to POMDR to find a new home.

Cocoanut was adopted!
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