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Looks like: Cattle Dog, Basenji
Female, 5 years old, 73 pounds
Everyone, meet Daffodil! This laidback girl prefers to go by the more casual "Daffy" or "Xena" as her foster has been calling her. Daffodil is perhaps a bit too formal and ladylike, given that she's a girl who likes to hike, romp in the mud, and then sprawl out on the living room floor. Daffy is a hardy girl who loves nothing more than playing with other dogs her size. She likes little dogs, too, but she's not quite aware of her size, and might accidentally step on them in play.

Daffy has a curly tail, pointy ears, and several adorable brown spots on her back and head. She loves to give big, sloppy kisses (to both humans and dogs), and when she's playing hard, her tail uncurls. She's not particularly interested in treats, which is actually in her best interest, since she needs to lose a few pounds. Given her preference for an active lifestyle, it shouldn't be too difficult for her to shed that extra weight.

Daffy came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services. Daffodil had a large mass removed from her abdomen through the POMDR clinic. Biopsy of the mass showed it to be a soft tissue tumor (Spindle Cell Sarcoma). Daffy will be receiving a consult with an oncologist to discuss further treatment. She's happy to not be carrying that mass around any longergiven how much she loves to play!
If you would like to meet Daffodil, press the Adopt Daffodil button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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