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Looks like: Schnauzer, Poodle Mix
Male, 10 years old, 18 pounds
Meet Rowan. This precious fellow has had quite a past and is looking for a new best friend and a home-sweet-home. Rowan enjoys walks, riding calmly in the car, sunbathing, accompanying his person around the house, and noshing on carrots and other healthy snacks. He likes toys and will even let out an occasional excited bark when playing. Rowan is quite perceptive and will listen intently if you've got something to say (or if you need someone to talk to), even responding with his posture and facial expressions. Rowan delights in meeting other dogs and seems to also really like meeting new people, including children. He is a bit shy when it comes to meeting men and also having his face or head touched, probably because of his past experiences, but he is a gentle and friendly pup who is receptive to all the affection you can give him.

Rowan takes medication for hypothyroidism and eye medications. He is looking for someone who can help him continue with the healthy routine and healthy eating habits he has already established. He is adaptable, resilient, politely affectionate, and looking forward to meeting you!

Rowan found his way to Peace of Mind after being treated at Los Coches Animal Hospital when his previous guardians tried to remove a mass from his face at home! Considering how loving this guy is, you would never know that he has been through so much in his past.
Rowan was adopted!
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