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Daisy Dew

Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew
Daisy Dew
Looks like: Maltese Mix
Female, 10 years old, 5 pounds
Daisy Dew has a very clear agenda for her golden years: enjoy life to the fullest, embrace limitations of an aging body, accept help when necessary, and stay true to an independent spirit. This sweet little Madam really likes to do her own thing, spending much of the day snoozing in a comfy bed or tottering around the house. She gets along well with other dogs and is currently living with a cat. In fact, at her foster home, Daisy loves cozying up with the cat for the night! When it comes to humans, she is not a big snuggle bug, but she doesn't mind being carried around. She has experience being around children.

"Quirky" is her middle name and she has quite a list of adorable peculiarities. For one, her stiff hips and back legs give her a bit of an old Wild West sort of swagger. For entertainment, she bucks like a little goat when she gets excited playing outside in the yard. Daisy is on a few medications to keep her liver functioning properly and she needs to eat small meals throughout the day. She has to be spoon fed and is an enthusiastic, albeit messy eater. Like a sticky toddler, she requires a good face wash after her meals and a keen eye on her body language for upcoming bowl movements.

Daisy is a content little pup and in her wildest dreams she is hoping for a warm home with caring people who have the time and patience to meet her needs. She would prefer a home without stairs, or where she can be carried up and down obstacles.

This sweet girl came to us from Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter after she was surrendered by her guardian who had too many pets in their home.
If you would like to meet Daisy Dew, press the Adopt Daisy Dew button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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