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Looks like: Chihuahua, Pug
Male, 6 years old, 8 pounds
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Impeccable leash manners - check! Wonderfully polite with other dogs - check! Wants nothing more than to be a couch potato with his person - check! And the Golden Paw for most gentlemanly and resilient in the face of adversity goes to.....Erik!

A word from Erik: "Thank you SO much for honoring me with this Golden Paw Award! I've spent many days on the street and I've put in the training and discipline to be the superstar that I am today. I hold no ill-will to anyone, trusting to see the good in other humans and pups while I'm out for my daily walks. My previous casting agents will let you know that I'm polite, respectful, and friendly on set. No gossip, no drama with me! My current manager (foster) says I'm an absolute dream compared to other pups she's had to manage. She's totally rooting for me to make it on the big screen! I'd like to thank the POMDR team for seeing the best in me even when I had a gash across my face. And, to my current manager (foster) for helping me see that my dreams are possible - I cannot thank you enough!"

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen! A round of applause for Erik! We'd also like to share that he wants to follow you everywhere - to the grocery store, the cafe down the road, or even if you're going to say hi to a friend. And who could blame him? He's so portable, you can just scoop him up and have him tag along with you!

If you haven't already got heart emojis in your eyes, we'll throw this one in for good measure: Erik says his dream day includes a movie marathon on the couch under a warm, fuzzy blanket with belly rubs and treats. Okay, the producers are playing that annoying outro music so we've got to get off the stage and wrap things up by saying: Erik's ready to be cast as the main character in your movie so send in your applications! What are you waiting for? Erik's the star you've been searching for.

This little guy came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services after he was found as a stray with a wound on his face.
Erik was adopted!
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