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Looks like: Pomeranian Mix
Male, 12 years old, 10 pounds
A sweet, mellow little guy with a kind disposition, Rudy is looking for his forever lap. He does enjoy a little stroll in the neighborhood, a car ride, and a treat, but Rudy's love language is definitely affection; if his day includes some nuzzling or cuddling, he considers his time very well spent indeed. He's a lovebug for sure, a soulful companion who will remind you of the joys of simple relaxation and togetherness. Although Rudy loves a good snuggle session, he can be a bit particular about how he is touched or picked up and can inform you of his displeasure with a little nip at times.

Rudy's curiosity makes him a bit of an escape artist, so his new home situation should be secure so he doesn't inadvertently take himself on an adventure. His warm-hearted, amiable and inquisitive personality is pure gold, and his easy-going personality is evident with other dogs, too. He'll politely sniff and move on, (probably because he's imagining how nice it will be to curl up with his human later). Rudy was found to have a heart murmur that requires daily medication to ensure his heart stays stable for many years to come. This is a medication that he will need to remain on life long. He will also need to be seen by a cardiologist annually.

This charming little man came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.
If you would like to meet Rudy, press the Adopt Rudy button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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