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Looks like: Italian Greyhound, Terrier Mix
Male, 13 years old, 15 pounds
Ready to bask in the glow of doggie gratitude and affection? Then Digi is the companion for you! He hasn't had an easy road; but when offered love, he just melts. If you can provide a comfy sofa, a little yard time, treats, and some squeaky toys for him to carry around, Digi's heart will be yours forever more. He is an enthusiastic camper, but also a champion napper who is comfortable being left at home (either in a crate or on a bed). Currently, he is sharing a home with dogs, bunnies, and rats; his BFF is a big cat with whom Digi likes to curl up and snooze.

Digi gets along well with other dogs, but he may need a reminder of his manners if sharing a home with another dog. . Too much noise or activity might feel overwhelming to him, but with reassurances and some brushing up on training, we feel he'll blossom in the right home. Though shy at first, Digi's personality quickly emerges. When familiar people or animals come to visit, he is so excited to greet them, always with a wagging tail wanting love or a treat.

This sweet guy came to POMDR as a guardian surrender after a Good Samaritan intercepted them on their way to a shelter.
If you would like to meet Digi, press the Adopt Digi button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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