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Looks like: Chiweenie Mix
Male, 10 years old, 14 pounds
To be honest, Crumb is a bit of a misnomer! This morsel of canine goodness is more of a gourmet creme brulee. Snuggling on the couch turns him into that creamy custard with a brittle top of caramelized sugar. In other words, he is the most affectionate little guy and loves to be as close to his person as possible all day long. Besides his expressive eyes that look straight into your soul, he has another successful technique to tug at your heartstrings: he loves rubbing his face into your face, which is very silly but also absolutely adorable (if you are into that kind of thing). He very much enjoys meeting new people and will solicit pets and invite himself into anyone's lap. His absolute favorite activity is a good cuddle session! Crumb is a great cuddle bug!

Crumb likes going for daily brisk walks and is very well-behaved on leash. He prefers walks far away from traffic, as car noise is not his favorite thing, although he does fine when riding along in the car. With his energy level, he would be an excellent hiking companion. He is friendly yet slightly indifferent when meeting other dogs, and gets along fine with cats. He even loves children! What is not to love about this great pup?

While Crumb usually does not make a peep, he may vocalize and get a little anxious when left home alone. In his wildest dreams, he would find a forever family where he can be close to his person for most of the day. Otherwise, he is very adaptable and would likely be a happy camper joining a household with any combination of fellow furry friends and activity levels.

Crumb came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.
If you would like to meet Crumb, press the Adopt Crumb button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire.
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