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Lucky Bobby

Lucky Bobby
Lucky Bobby
Lucky Bobby
Lucky Bobby
Lucky Bobby
Looks like: Poodle mix
Male, 15 years old (estimated), 8 pounds
Lucky Bobby has the curliest and softest ears in town and will tempt anyone in his vicinity to indulge in their fluffiness. This sweet and gentle fellow is devoted to his humans and will stick close to you, following your every step, indoors and outdoors. He very much enjoys being held and snuggled and will burrow himself into blankets to get comfy and warm. Bobby also likes to go for walks or toddle around the yard independently. He gets excited to go on car rides, especially if he is allowed to ride in the passenger seat; double-bonus if he can sit in a passenger's lap. His eyesight and hearing might not be so keen anymore, but he surely knows how to enjoy life to the fullest and embrace the limitations of his aging body. At home, he appreciates a solid nap and does not mind when he is home alone for a while. He interacts politely with other small dogs, but tends to prefer the company of humans. He does not have known experience with cats or children.

Bobby can get a bit riled up around meal time. He really loves food! This otherwise quiet gentleman has a collapsing trachea which causes him to cough occasionally. He is bestowed with two adorable quirks: a regular lip-smacking, related to the tracheal condition, and his tongue sticks out all the time because he only has a few teeth left. Bobby takes a daily pill for hypothyroidism and daily drops in his eyes without complaint. His biggest wish is to find a warm, quiet, and loving home and enjoy some much deserved pampering.

Lucky Bobby came to us from the SPCA of Monterey County.
Lucky Bobby was adopted!
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