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Looks like: Labrador Terrier mix
Male, 7 years old (estimated), 35 pounds
This perfect-sized pooch has lots of energy to burn and is always on the go. If you are looking for an exercise buddy, Billy is your dream match as he absolutely loves being active, playing fetch, and going for extended walks at a good clip. While he walks very well on leash most of the time, he is not a big fan of fast moving objects (motorcycles, or bicycles zooming by) and he will occasionally lunge at them. Billy loves snuggling with his humans and sitting on laps, pretending to be much smaller than his compact 35 pounds. Although he is often a bit timid when meeting new people, he eventually warms up and makes friends, especially if treats are involved. He gets along well with other dogs, sniffing and getting sniffed politely, but he is not really interested in playing with fellow canines. This silly guy has a lot to say at times and may bark at delivery trucks or any car pulling into the driveway, as well as at people walking by outside; he will stop barking once the "intruders" have been acknowledged, though. Similarly, on car rides he occasionally barks at motorcycles or people in cars stopped next to "his" car.

Billy would appreciate a calm and predictable home environment; a household without children and cats would suit him best. What he wants most of all is a companion who enjoys being active and affectionate as much as he does. He would appreciate some training and reassurance to become less vocal. This pup is on a special diet for GI upset and is otherwise very healthy.

Billy joined POMDR when his senior guardian moved into assisted living and was unable to bring him along.
Are you interested in learning more about Billy? For more medical and behavior information, press the Adopt Billy button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire. Our Adoption Coordinator will give you as much information as we have.
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