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Tessa Maya

Tessa Maya
Tessa Maya
Tessa Maya
Tessa Maya
Tessa Maya
Looks like: Shih Tzu
Female, 9 years old (estimated), 16 pounds
Who could ever resist anything this girl is asking for with that face and those sweet big eyes! Being cute is a way of life for little Tessa. Her idea of fun is sitting in your lap acting adorable as you try to work from home or watch TV. This lovebug might be a little shy at first but she quickly warms up to new people, including children, and humans are definitely her prefered choice of company. She also enjoys being around other dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats, and even bunnies. She gets along with just about everyone.

Tessa likes to go on leashed walks and is interested in anything there is to smell. She needs to lose a little bit of weight, so plenty of exercise should be included in her daily routine. She loves to go on car rides and just hangs out quietly in her car seat watching the scenery go by. When she is home alone, she is very well behaved and makes herself comfortable on the couch until her humans get back home. This content and happy girl can't wait to make your home just a touch more complete.

Tessa joined us after her senior guardian passed away. Her son, also a senior, took over her care, but had to move into assisted living and unfortunately could not bring her along.
Tessa Maya was adopted!
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