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Looks like: German Shepherd
Female, 9 years old (estimated), 76 pounds
Foster needed 3/13-3/16
Here's a profile in courage: sweet and affectionate Rosa. She came to us after having walked many a rough road with weak hind legs, a painful mouth, and abdominal masses. Two operations later, she's feeling much better and healing beautifully. But has any of the strife she's faced dampened her spirit? Not all all! She's a snuggle bug through and through. Rosa loves to cuddle up and be close to her people; if you stop petting she might remind you to resume by giving you a gentle tap with her paw. Having been malnourished, she appreciates every meal and sometimes forgets that she doesn't need to counter surf anymore. Good on a leash, great in a car, house-broken, and non-reactive around other dogs, Rosa has good manners, but might benefit from a bit more training.

Rosa has done well around calm children, but we think she'd do best in a household with no other pets and lots of human hands who'd be happy to reciprocate her love. She prefers to be with her people most of the time.

This senior girl came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services after being found as a stray.
Are you interested in learning more about Rosa? For more medical and behavior information, press the Adopt Rosa button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire. Our Adoption Coordinator will give you as much information as we have.
Interested in fostering? Fostering is a wonderful way to help dogs left behind find their forever homes. Email us if you are interested in fostering Rosa, or see all dogs that need fostering.
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