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Looks like: Yorkshire Terrier mix
Male, 10 years old (estimated), 11 pounds
If sweet little Binx had to rank five activities that he loves to do most in this world, it would probably be something like this: 1. eat treats; 2. snuggle and give kisses to humans that have treats in hope for more handouts; 3. rapid-fire squeaking of squeaky toys; 4. sleep on human's pillow and get rump scratches; 5. go on leisurely walks. Binx comes packed with charm, confidence, and a fine-balanced temperament. He is engaging and friendly with all the humans he meets and adores a good cuddle session! We assume that he would get along with gentle and respectful children, but he may get spooked by loud noises that catch him off-guard. While he is friendly with other dogs of all sizes, he would probably not mind at all being the only canine in the house and soaking up all the attention for himself. We do not know yet how he behaves around cats but we suspect that he would get along with them just fine. This happy pup likes to go on car rides, taking in the passing scenery by sight and smell. When being left home alone at his foster house, he may bark along with the other dogs in protest as his people leave, but then quickly settle down and take a nap.

Binx is currently learning not to get too excited by the prospect of food and not to bark at people when they are sitting down for dinner. He appreciates frequent reminders to go outside to do his business, although he knows how to use a doggie door. Sometimes this petite guy can be a bit underfoot and may pose a potential tripping hazard. During his intake exam at our clinic, we found that he is in excellent health and he is more than ready to live life to the fullest while sweetening your every day.

Binx came to us from Hitchcock Road Animal Services after being found as a stray.
Binx was adopted!
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