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Looks like: Australian Shepherd mix
Male, 2 years old (estimated), 46 pounds
Hey, his eyes are up there!! We know, it is easy to get distracted by Jaxon's amazing coloration, but those eyes are just absolutely stunning!! Of course, it's not all about the looks with this boy, as he is super smart, athletic, loving, and also a bit on the shy side. Before joining POMDR, Jaxon probably did not have a lot of exposure to the world around him and he needs extra time to warm up to new people, especially men. Once he feels comfortable, he bonds deeply with his tribe and turns into the biggest cuddle bug. We don't know yet how he gets along with children or cats but Jaxon gets along well with other dogs and is living with a couple of herding-breed buddies at his foster home. This playful and energetic dude is searching for a home with other active dogs and humans that are experienced with these breeds. He would love to spend his days going for long hikes and have space to roam and romp around with his canine playmates.

True to his Australian shepard roots, Jaxon is quick and eager to learn, and he would thrive with some training and lots of activity. He is longing for patient human companions that will teach him how to trust and be his best self. In return, this sweet and healthy guy will always be by your side.

Jaxon joined POMDR as a transfer from SPCA of Monterey County.
Jaxon was adopted!
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