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Looks like: Terrier mix
Female, 10 years old (estimated), 9 pounds
Pippie has a very clear agenda for her golden years: enjoy life to the fullest, embrace limitations of an aging body, and be as quirky as all get out. This sweet little Madam really loves to be held and cuddled and wants nothing more than to be around her favorite people. She gets along well with anyone she meets, including other dogs and also cats. In fact, at her foster home, Pippie has been caught sometimes cozying up with the other pups! But her favorite snuggle spot is right next to you on the couch or in another warm bed when you're not there to snuggle. We think she may be ok around gentle, older children, but is a bit too fragile to be around young kids. Pippie enjoys toddling around the yard for a bit or going for short walks, and then finding a warm sunny spot for a nap. She is content on car rides and also when home alone.

Miss Pippie has quite a list of adorable peculiarities. For one, her stiff joints give her a bit of an old Wild West sort of swagger. For entertainment, she woo-woos when she gets excited and can be very silly and playful during her spunky moments. Her specialty moves are her wiggles while laying on her back when she is especially happy and gleeful. Pippie is on a few medications which she takes 2-3 times a day. This content little pup dreams of a loving home with caring people and a little extra space for her on the couch.

Pippie had quite a rough past and joined POMDR after she was picked up as a stray and brought to Hitchcock Road Animal Services.
Are you interested in learning more about Pippie? For more medical and behavior information, press the Adopt Pippie button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire. Our Adoption Coordinator will give you as much information as we have.
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