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Looks like: Rottweiler, Great Dane mix
Male, 7 years old (estimated), 80 pounds
This big dude with his big personality, big smile, and big heart, is the biggest lovebug around. He is dreaming of lovely humans that will snuggle with him all the time, hold his big paws, and tell him that everything is going to be alright from here on out. Gannon was found as a stray, emaciated and weak, and is now slowly building up his weight and muscle-tone. Currently, his stamina is a bit low, but at his foster home, he loves going on leisurely walks and yard saunterings, and he is starting to regain some strength. He begrudgingly accepts the fact that he is not a small lapdog, and politely lays down very close next to you on the couch. When given permission, Mr. Affection will gingerly put his legs on you and smush his head into your torso. Although he prefers the company of people, he also gets along well with dogs of all sizes and is very gentle with small dogs. We have not yet observed his behavior around cats or children, but assume that he will be friendly and tender around anyone.

Gannon is perfectly house trained and he hardly ever barks; when he does it's just one "woof". When left home alone, he may initially whine and feel a bit anxious, but quickly calms down and settles in for a nap. On car rides, he is super mellow, chilling out on the back seat. This big snuggle buddy would love to find a home where he can spend lots of time with his humans and show everyone just how loving, sweet, trusting, and silly he is!

Sweet Gannon joined us from Stanislaus Animal Services after being picked up as a stray.

Want to see more of Gannon? His foster mom created his very own website!! Click HERE to view more photos and information about this incredible pup!
Are you interested in learning more about Gannon? For more medical and behavior information, press the Adopt Gannon button and fill out our online adoption questionnaire. Our Adoption Coordinator will give you as much information as we have.
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