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Why Should I Adopt a Senior Dog?

There are so many great reasons to adopt an older dog... Senior dogs have outgrown puppy behaviors like destructive chewing and are often already house-trained. Many have been loved dogs and just want their second chance at being part of a family. Others may have been neglected and you have the opportunity to make them feel truly loved for the first time in their life!

A senior dog’s gratitude, love and loyalty is like no other. Your senior dog will thank you forever for seeing past their grey muzzle to the love they still have to give!

Every Dog Deserves a Second Chance

Senior pets are at a much higher risk of being euthanized at a shelter. By bringing a senior dog into your family, you are truly saving a life. The gratitude you will see in your dog’s eyes is priceless and you’ll always know that YOU were the person who gave them a second chance at happiness.

They Are Calmer, Quieter and Less Destructive

Senior dogs have generally outgrown puppy behaviors like chewing and are all-around calmer dogs. So you can spare your shoes and furniture, and still welcome a wonderful new addition to the family!

What You See Is What You Get!

With a senior dog, you know exactly what you’re getting. Their size, breed and temperament are pretty much solidified so there are no surprises when the cute little puppy you adopt turns into a ninety-pounder!

They Usually Have Basic Training!

Senior dogs typically require less training. They are often already house-trained and know basic commands, taught by their previous guardians who have passed away or who can no longer care for them.

They Are NOT “Problem Dogs”

The vast majority of our senior dogs come to POMDR because their guardians have passed away, need to move into assisted living or simply because they can no longer care for their dog. Contrary to common misconception, these dogs haven’t done anything wrong to end up homeless. Most senior pups are house-trained, loved their previous families and were loyal companions for their years prior to ending up at the shelter.

Every Day is Special

A common concern expressed is that an older dog won’t be in your life as long as a puppy would. While this may be true, their gratitude, love and loyalty is just as true. If anything, they’ll teach you to value every day you have the honor of spending with them that much more and they’ll thank you forever for seeing past their grey muzzles to the love they still have to give.


The true testimonials about what it is like to adopt a senior rescue are best spoken by those who have opened their home to a wonderful, older pet:
“Getting to watch an animal go from neglected and…just plain sad to enjoying his new life is just incredibly rewarding in a way that’s very different from raising a puppy and molding him in your own image.” –Wes,
“They appreciate the smallest gestures--cuddles, a nap on the bed, a brisk walk--because they had to ‘go without’ at some point. It makes them, and more importantly us humans, appreciate every little thing, a bit more!” –Dina Eastwood, POMDR Adopter & Volunteer
“Sasha was the first senior dog that I adopted. Though I had fostered many dogs before her, Sasha chose me. While I thought I might get 4-5 years with her, she is still healthy and happy over 5 years later. Having a senior dog makes me cherish the time that I have with my pets even more, knowing that our time together is limited.” –Christine D., POMDR Adopter & Volunteer
“Senior dogs have more ‘life experiences under their collar,’ and because of that they are more appreciative of having a loving forever home. I have adopted many, and their wisdom and love has enhanced my life in many ways.” –Linda L., POMDR Adopter & Volunteer
“Senior dogs are usually easier to bring in to your home. They are potty trained and [it’s] so nice to have another old lady to keep me company.” –Sue C., POMDR Foster Volunteer
“I adopted Disney aka Joe and all I can say is he is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Everything you said about older dogs is true: they are pretty much trained when you get them and he is been such a wonderful addition to my life and even though I've had him a little over two months he has become my best little buddy and we are so bonded you would not believe it. So I want everybody out there to know this and to give these senior dogs a home. I will be forever grateful!” –Sharon S., POMDR Adopter
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