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Hospice Care

Sometimes when we bring a senior dog into our care, we find out they have a life threatening medical condition. For some of our dogs who are expected to live only a few months, we provide Hospice Care.

Providing Hospice Care for a dog is a big commitment and a rewarding experience. If you are interested in providing foster care for a dog for the last several months or more of their life, contact us. As with all foster assignments, POMDR will cover all medical expenses for dogs in hospice care.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for one of these sweeties.


Sponsored By: Linda at Sitting for a Cause

Wags is a very special little boy. He has limited mobility due to some neurological disease and advanced heart disease. He did swim therapy, laser treatments and acupuncture for several months which improved his quality of life for a while, but then his mobility issues worsened. We are now keeping him as comfortable as possible for as long as he has a good quality of life.

Please consider sponsoring Wags's forever care.


Sponsored By: Cindy in memory of Charley

Rosita is a tiny, darling little Chihuahua who came to POMDR from Salinas Animal Services after one of our volunteers met her and offered to foster her. Unfortunately, she has a considerable chain of mammary tumors. Due to her heart issues and other medical conditions, she isn't a candidate to have them removed. A veterinary oncologist and her foster mama agreed that Rosita in in her final home. She is being loved and pampered for the rest of her days.

Please consider sponsoring Rosita's forever care.


Sponsored By: Mishell and Melanie Davis. Helen Leek, Kira Steinberg

Goliath is precious and sweet. He keep his foster family laughing.

Goliath came from a very loving home. His family fell on hard times and could no longer keep him.

Goliath has degenerative disease in his back and it is touch and go some days. He may eventually be completely paralyzed. We have been managing his condition with medication and mobility restriction and that helps.

He is being fostered by a veterinary ICU nurse and her retired uncle, so he is in very good hands and will stay in their care for the rest of his life.

Please consider sponsoring Goliath's forever care.


Sponsored By: Cecille and Jim Shoemaker in memory of Walter (dog), Elbina Rafizadeh, BooBoo Foundation

Gurdy is a 12-year-old, small mixed breed. She is a fantastic little lady who is gentle and amazing with everyone. She is great with other dogs and a wonderful lap companion. Gurdy is having trouble walking even though she is on multiple pain medications. Her foster is keeping in close contact with the veterinarian to evaluate Gurdy's needs. She is also blind and it was decided the best option is to have her stay in her familiar foster home where she can continue to receive great care.

Gurdy was rescued by good Samaritans who found her as a matted stray. They helped her get cleaned up and find her way to POMDR.

Please consider sponsoring Gurdy's forever care.