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Frequently Asked Questions about our Perpetual Care Program

  • How do I enroll my dog in the Perpetual Care Program?
    Contact POMDR and talk with a board member to determine if your dog is appropriate for our program. Once it is determined that your dog can enroll in our program, we will give you a Pet Profile form to fill out so we know your dog’s likes, dislikes, habits, routines, health history, what vet clinic has his records, and anything else you would like us to know about your dog. You will then need to set up a pet trust with an attorney to provide the funds to care for your dog for the rest of his life.
  • What if my dog is old or in poor health?
    If you enroll your dog in the Perpetual Care Program, POMDR will accept your dog regardless of his or her physical condition. Although older and ailing animals are sometimes difficult to place in permanent homes, POMDR will provide foster care for your dog as long as needed. You will want to take your dog’s age and health into account when funding his pet trust.
  • What services will the Perpetual Care Program provide for my dog if I die or can no longer care for him?
    POMDR will become your dog’s legal guardian, and will start caring for your pet as soon as we receive notice of your death or incapacitation. We will then place your pet up for adoption to a suitable, loving home consistent with the information in his or her Pet Profile. Enrollment in our Perpetual Care Program ensures that your dog will receive compassionate care for the rest of his or her life.
  • Do I need to pay anything up front?
    No. The Perpetual Care Program is funded through a pet trust that you set up with your attorney. There is no membership fee or cost to you during your lifetime, but a donation at the time of setting up your trust or leaving a donation to POMDR in your estate planning will help support POMDR’s mission of caring for dogs left behind.
  • I don’t have much money, but I have a life insurance policy and some physical assets. Can I still participate in the Perpetual Care Program?
    You will want to talk with your attorney about funding your dog’s Pet Trust with non-liquid assets to determine if this option will work for you and your dog.
  • Will my pet be adopted through the Perpetual Care Program?
    POMDR will make every effort to find your dog a new, permanent home. We will post his or her photograph and life story on our website, and bring him or her to our adoption events. Although we cannot absolutely guarantee that your dog will be adopted, the great majority of our dogs find new homes with our help. We will have a lifetime commitment to your dog whether he is in a foster home or a permanent home.
  • Where will my dog live while he or she is awaiting a new home?
    While we work to find a permanent home for your dog, he or she will live in a qualified foster home with a POMDR volunteer. Our foster volunteers are sensitive to the special needs of surviving pets, and will provide love and attention as well as physical care. In the event that we do not have a foster home available for your dog, we will board him or her in a comfortable boarding facility with regular walks and outings provided by our volunteers until he or she is adopted or placed in a foster home.

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